Personal Training

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Personal Training
Personal trainers are an effective way to keep motivated, stay focused and get the results you want. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or simply struggle with the commitment of a long-term fitness goal, a personal trainer will motivate, encourage and inspire you to go on!

What to expect?

• Tailored programmes

A typical programme will generally combine Aerobic (CV),resistance (weights) and flexibility to give you the workout that suits you best. A trainer will also look at your nutritional intake, an area many fall short on when trying to lose weight and tone up. 

 • Routine

 Seeing a trainer frequently will encourage you to stick a regular routine - there'll be no excuse to miss that appointment!

• Ambition

'As Jim Rohn once said, Motivation is what gets you started.Habit is what keeps you going'. A personal trainer can help you stick to your commitments. Let's face it, if we exercise on our own, most of us will probably give up quite quickly.  With a personal trainer they'll encourage you to go on.   

• Improve overall fitness

 Over time your overall fitness will improve by varying your exercise routine - this is important for your long-term health. 

• Needs

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to personal training.  Each individual has certain needs and goals, a personal trainer can drill down into your needs so that you're able to reach those goals.

• Efficiency

Many people work out for years expending large amounts of energy on the wrong exercises, the wrong technique or the wrong fitness program for their body, leading to muscle imbalances, injuries and ineffective results. Your misconceptions and mistakes will be corrected, enabling you to finally succeed with your fitness goals!

• Results

Above all, you will get the results you've always been longing for when working out with a personal trainer. 


Because it works, we offer a very personal and reliable service to all our clients in and outside of sessions. We can provide you with a detailed and individualised programme to use when you are training on your own, as well as supporting your every need from regular phone contact to nutritional advice.

Personal Training Sessions

Each session tends to last approximately 45-60 minutes depending on your fitness levels. As there's no one size fits all, the structure itself will be dependent on your personal goals,determined by your initial consultation. 

Once your goals are identified your trainer can then develop a specific programme incorporating cardiovascular strengthening as well as muscular endurance into your tailored programme. After six to eight weeks your trainer will review your current fitness levels and respective health goals by various means of re-assessment. 

To ensure your continued progress your activity programme will then be adjusted to suit your new fitness and health goals.  

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